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Geode Ornament

Designer: LAURA GUMMERMAN I love having a combination of tree ornaments that are the same (a scattering of the same gold glitter stars) and some that are totally different (like having one roller skate, etc). I always like to make at least one DIY ornament for the tree and this year I saw some pretty … Continue reading »Geode Ornament

Does Crystal Healing Really Work?

Holding crystals or placing them on your body is thought to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Crystals supposedly do this by positively interacting with your body’s energy field, or chakra. We find out more about healing crystals courtesy of BEAUTY INSIDER Produced by Emily Christian, Amelia Kosciulek, and Meranda Yslas.  


The Healer The most legendary of all the stones, the Turquoise crystal has reached rock star status in the world of healing minerals. Its dazzling blue-green shade made an appearance in ancient Egypt around 6000 BCE where it was incorporated into protective amulets and royal bling for the likes of King Tut and Cleopatra. One of the … Continue reading »Turquoise

Healing with Stephen Bishop

Stephen Bishop is one of Australia’s most accomplished healers and teachers having over 25 years experience. He is a pioneer in the teaching of Metaphysics, Psychic Development and Spiritual Healing and the founder of the International College of Healing & Metaphysics (IC-OHM). “Energy Healing is something I believe in. When I can, I see my … Continue reading »Healing with Stephen Bishop

Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls – Crystal Bowl Meditation

Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls – Crystal Bowl Meditation Relax and fall deep into your own sonic universe with a crystal bowl sound meditation. For many, the result is a blissful state of consciousness. Relaxing, yet elevating harmonic pure tones offer a rejuvenating break from busy lives. Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls creates an experience … Continue reading »Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls – Crystal Bowl Meditation

Black Tourmaline

Force Field Protector Get your chakras sparkling clean with the Black Tourmaline crystal, a big-time energy purifier in the world of healing crystals. Like a daily disinfectant for the soul, the Black Tourmaline crystal cleanses the aura of icky thought patterns keeping you up at night. Wherever you happen to be on your spiritual journey, … Continue reading »Black Tourmaline