Stone Age Earrings



Sterling silver long drop earrings with earthy toned crystals. Sparkly bright crystals are wire wrapped with sterling silver wire and hang from sterling silver clasp. Gorgeous autumn earthy tones of brown, orange, yellow and shiny crystal light reflections. Unique, original handcrafted earrings. Contemporary, vibrant artisan earrings.

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Delightful natural raw crystal earrings.

All sterling silver wire and used is eco-friendly recycled sterling silver. The sterling silver is exactly the same composition as mined silver but it has been recycled from scrap, unused, leftover sterling silver that is melted down, refined and then remade into sterling silver wire and sheet metal. Great for the environment. Look good and feel good too.

  • Size: 6cm
  • Weight: 8g
  • Natural crystal earrings
  • Boho earrings: Handmade earrings

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Blue, Clear

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