Singing Bowl Decorative Cushions



This set of 7 handmade singing bowl cushions are meant to elevate & protect your singing bowl. Fabric brocade patterns and colours may vary slightly from those pictured.


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The cushion is useful to keep the singing bowl on a hard surface, both to protect the surface and the bowl from damage and to prevent unwanted sound from the bowl vibrating against a hard surface. Singing bowls are fragile and should be kept on the cushion when not in use. Singing bowls can crack if dropped.

Set of 7 high quality hand-made Singing Bowl Decorative Cushion Bases in a variety of colours.

10cm cushion apply to 9.5-13cm singing bowls

12cm cushion apply to 13-18cm singing bowls

14cm cushion apply to 18-26cm singing bowls

16cm cushion apply to 26-34cm singing bowls

18cm cushion apply to 34-50cm singing bowls

20cm cushion apply to 50-60cm singing bowls

22cm cushion apply to 60-80cm singing bowls

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