SOLD! Geode Statement Side Table AURORA


SOLD! Geode Statement Side Table AMETHYST with AGATE Crystal Shard centre:  Created to look like a real slice of an agate and made in the studio.

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This table is the perfect glamour statement piece for any room in your home or work space. It’s an incredibly beautiful lifestyle addition that makes a statement about you immediately. It is the ultimate decoration combining the healing properties of crystals and the glamour of sparkle. Created from resin, pigments, crystals and stones, glass and glitter shards. Please note that each geode slice is created by hand which means that the patterns and colours for each piece is unique.

These images are the actual product. You should only use this table as a side table and not as a seat. There are genuine crystals in the centrepiece and these should be handled with care as they are delicate. Please make sure that the weight on top should not be more then 5kg. Sits on 1 X polished steel base.

SIZE: Approx. 65cm diameter

HEIGHT: Approx. 55cm

WEIGHT: Approx. 6kg

SHIPPING is included and is door to door by TNT, including signature on delivery and insurance for loss or damages.

Selected pieces can also be purchased from our only retail space Bowerbird on Argyle, located in Moss Vale NSW. Contact details can be seen here.


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Weight 20 kg

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