Healing with Stephen Bishop

Stephen Bishop is one of Australia’s most accomplished healers and teachers having over 25 years experience. He is a pioneer in the teaching of Metaphysics, Psychic Development and Spiritual Healing and the founder of the International College of Healing & Metaphysics (IC-OHM).

“Energy Healing is something I believe in. When I can, I see my friend Stephen Bishop in Sydney and have my chakras aligned and my energy rebalanced. Instantly I feel a difference”- Miranda Kerr, Good Health Magazine, March 2010, p 14

Stephen Bishop – College Founder and Principal

Stephen is one of Australia’s most accomplished healers and adept psychics and he has pioneered the teaching of metaphysical, psychic and spiritual development in Australia over the past 25 years.

In that time, he has personally guided hundreds of students to reach their potential as energetic healers, develop their psychic talents and to connect with spirit and the angelic realms.

He was recruited to work as the ‘psychic to the psychics’, helping the contestants on the successful television show The One to refine their talents!

Stephen brings light, love and laughter to all he does, reminding us that although our purpose in this lifetime is to learn and grow, there is always plenty of room for fun and friendship.

In addition to over-seeing all classes at IC-OHM, Stephen is available for private spiritual healing and counselling sessions and conducts ghost busting and energy clearing services on demand.

To make an appointment for healing with Stephen please click through here.

If you would like to discuss the process of ghost busting and clearing you may contact Stephen personally via email, stephenbishop107@gmail.com or give him a call on 0414 893 963

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