Crystal Sound Therapy with Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal Sound Therapy is a gentle, powerful, therapeutic, healing modality. Everything living is made up of energy and in a constant state of vibration.

Our bodies are at their peak when harmony, pure resonance and balance are present.

Your physical body can entrain with the pure resonance of the bowls as it receives a ‘tune-up’, changing low vibrations back to their natural resonant frequencies, resulting in a deep sense of relaxation and wellness.

Immersing ourselves in the amazing sound vibrations of alchemy (quartz and gemstones) and classic (quartz) crystal bowls is like being in another dimension of reality where light and love embrace you.

The spirit is uplifted and soul connection can be experienced as the refined pure vibrations of the crystal bowls balance your energy chakras and aura.

A deeply relaxing for of healing for someone wanting to find peace, balance and nurturing.

Personal Singing Bowl Therapy

We are proud to offer Crystal Healing in Sydney with Melissa. You can learn more and make an appointment locally in Sydney here.

Melissa guides and supports your personal healing and empowerment with integrity, confidentiality and sensitivity. A crystal sound session is created individually and includes the following:

• Consultation/counseling, diagnosis of energy field (aura/charkras)
• Creation of personal affirmation/intention
• Crystals and gems laid on various locations of the body (you remain fully clothed)
• Crystal sound session with crystal singing bowls

Melissa’s bowls are a blend of quartz crystal with other crystals or minerals and when played, they emit the most pure and blissful tones. The sounds and vibrations they carry will help you drop into a deep meditative space and then transport you to wherever you need to go, safely.

As our world is becoming more chaotic and the pace of change quickens, it seems that many people are operating on a knife’s edge. We’re reacting quicker, more often and with more extreme emotions to news or opinions we find confronting. Instead of being constantly buffeted around by life, it’s becoming increasingly important to regularly go within and connect to the immense peace and calm our inner self offers us.

Melissa will guide you through meditation and provide the balance our centre requires.

Where: GLENHAVEN, Sydney

Cost: $130 (1 hour private session) or $200 (2 hour private session)

Group sound sessions are available upon request.