About Us

Our primary material is resin – we love that it will endure abuse like stone, has all of the comfort of wood, and carries colour and light like glass.  All of the qualities we are drawn to in our materials are the things we are inspired by in nature. 

“We are surrounded in the workshop by the healing properties of thousands of stones and crystals and we incorporate these into our Artworks, Furniture, Home Decor and Wearable Art. These natural entities channel themselves into our work, guiding our hands and transmitting their spirit into each unique piece. Our creations provide aesthetic beauty and a healing calm, whether they are worn close to your chakras or placed in your home as part of your decor.”

the studo

ġéŏde . ştūdiõ is an acrylic resin & mixed media studio created by Gaia. Her life has always been interwoven with creativity from her early days as a clothing alterer and fashion designer through to completing her Masters in Creative Writing and she is a published poet & copywriter. She now allows herself the freedom to connect with & to explore more fully her spirituality through the medium of art. The studio is located in Sydney, Australia.